Team Synergy ™

Our Team Synergy ™ corporate workshop is popular with clients who seek to foster a more collaborative atmosphere at the office. It’s a challenging day of activities for your high-performing team, which may tend to lean towards competitive action more often than situations require!

In other words, Team Synergy™ is all about getting team members to work better with each other and to focus on how individual strengths can be pooled together in effective ways which improve the odds for success in any group project.

This is Second-Generation Team Building, So Dare to Aim Higher!

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoSo much more than just a feel-good session, Team Synergy™ offers tangible results so your team can move forward and achieve their goals. Sometimes all the skills are there, but putting them together and getting results from group efforts can be frustrating.

What’s needed is a little Team Synergy ™!

By combining the classroom lessons with practical applications set within an experiential learning framework, we’re able to create an atmosphere where real learning takes place. It’s building skills that will last far beyond the day of the workshop, skills that will help your team members with the following areas:

  • creative problem solving
  • connecting with colleagues
  • improving communications
  • tapping into creativity
  • big picture thinking

We Focus on Natural Interactive Styles to Tackle Obstacles

Our expertly designed workshops are designed to teach participants how to recognize individual approaches to collaboration. Each individual contributes his or her own unique perspective to achieving success…it’s only by recognizing and valuing the differences that real teamwork collaboration begins to take place.

Higher-level communication strategies and new patterns of collaboration are at work in the interactive component of Team Synergy™, allowing your group to put new insights into practice right then and there.

Our expert facilitators know how to build motivation, even when it comes to high-performing teams where silos need to be dismantled before real progress in building camaraderie can begin to take place.

After all, our workshop leaders have an average of 15 years experience working in the field corporate training!

If you’d like to learn more about Team Synergy™ and how it can bring cohesiveness, camaraderie and synergy to your high-performing team, just give us a call today, or fill out the handy “Request a Quote” form on this page. We’d love to hear from you!