Indianapolis Amazing Scavenger Race

For The Amazing Scavenger Race, teams get out and about in Indy neighborhoods for some high-energy practice putting their teamwork skills to the test.

Teams fan out all over Indianapolis searching for what’s on their lists, driven by time as they race against the clock and each other.

Teams will have to work together to complete their scavenging goals, and they’ll have to work efficiently in order to be competitive in the race. Groups who do this best also happen to be the ones who are good at working together. That’s why we like to call it a practice run towards teamwork perfection!

Challenging Goals That Take Teams All Over the City

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Team-Building-LogoOur challenges will have your team racing across town to fulfill their objectives- snapping pictures to prove success at each juncture. This introduces an additional level of competition: the pictures will be judged for creativity.

A Challenging Day With a Hilarious Ending

Our workshop developers have incorporated a great website into the functionality of The Amazing Scavenger Race. Teams upload their photos to the site and at the end of the day, teams re-convene for some wrap-up activities.

One of the best parts of the workshop are when everyone gets to view the uploaded photos in a hilarious and memorable slide show. Guaranteed laughs!

How a Scavenger Race Contributes to Team Building

As any manager, teacher, coach or mentor knows, practice makes perfect. But there’s a right way to train and a wrong way- in this case, we’re training for optimal team work. Our workshop developers have created more than a game with The Amazing Scavenger Race- it’s a team building challenge disguised as a game!

The obstacles teams face will put their skills to the test- communication, collaboration, using feedback, and more. In fact, the entire race is characterized by the four basic elements of learning:

  1. action
  2. feedback
  3. adjustment
  4. action again

Those are the steps teams must take to work their way through the entire race successfully. Then, when everyone’s back together at the end, our professional facilitators will lead their teams through a thought-provoking debriefing session. They’ll cover the key points of team building, for long lasting improvements in your teams long after the slide show hilarity has subsided!

If you’d like to learn more about The Amazing Scavenger Race, just give us a call. We can even customize the race to cover areas or points of interest in Indianapolis suggested by you.