DiSC™ Personality Training, Now in Indianapolis Too!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic formula for getting teams to be more proactive, energized, and productive? Wouldn’t it be great if your management team suddenly become amazingly efficient at dealing with conflict, motivating their teams, and communicating better with everyone around them?
We’d all love that- and lucky for everyone it doesn’t take a magic formula. It simply takes a deeper understanding of personality styles: our own and those around us.

Welcome to DiSC™ Personality Workshops. DiSC™ is the 21st century’s answer to the “personality test” of yesteryear. It produces amazing results in groups who are lucky enough to experience this modern assessment, designed for today’s businesses.

This is Not the 7o Year Old Personality Test We all Grew Up With

DiSC™ is thoroughly modern, and offers a practical personality assessment that relates to today’s business climate and today’s employees.

It’s not a “test”- notice it’s called an “assessment”. That’s because there is no pass or fail. DiSC™ is purely descriptive, and there is no “right” combination of personality types.

DiSC™ Offers a Way for Your Leaders to Lead With More Insight

By understanding how to recognize personality types, leaders will understand what’s motivating the individuals they manage. They’ll make better decisions as leaders when they know “where their team is coming from”. Insight is incredibly valuable when it comes to leading people- DiSC™ offers training and practice in developing insight into personalities and how they interact in the work place.

Appreciating Diversity, Raising Expectations

We all know it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. DiSC™ teaches us not only how to recognize various personality styles, but also how to coax optimal performance levels from your team. You can expect tangible results with long-lasting implications for the work environment.

Designed for management but appropriate for any group, DiSC™ is is highly-developed, thoroughly up-to-date and sophisticated personality assessment that was created for companies just like yours.

If you’d like to find out more about our DiSC™ qualified facilitators or how the workshop can help your team achieve more, please call us today. We’re truly excited about having the opportunity to offer this special workshop in the Indianapolis area.