Completely Custom Team Building

Have a goal in mind? We’ll help you get there with our Completely Custom Team Building Workshop. Our design team has 50 years of research and history to draw from in creating a 100% custom-designed event targeting exactly what you want. We use only the best of the best techniques, assembling the perfect blend of activities that will lead your group towards success in whatever direction you’d like.

Very often we see clients facing an upcoming event they need help with…

  1. a meeting with overseas colleagues, where language barriers present challenges
  2. industry conferences with representatives from all the major players in your field
  3. an upcoming goal which presents unusual challenges
  4. restructuring within the company

…or you may simply want to reinforce company initiatives, “gel” a new group or boost team morale. Whatever you’re facing, we’ve got a whole library of solutions to draw from, and we’re old hands at selecting the appropriate array of activity modules for each and every one of our clients who come to us with their goals.

How a Bespoke Workshop is Born…

We begin by setting up a meeting between you, the client, and our design team. Here you’ll discuss your company and your team and we’ll be listening carefully so we can help you clearly define your objectives. We call it a “needs assessment”, which means we’ll be doing a lot of listening…to you. Only by fully understanding what you want to accomplish will be able to carefully handcraft your bespoke team building program that hits upon all your major initiatives.

Your Team Will Enjoy the Unique Program We Put Together

After the initial consultation, our program developers get busy creating your custom workshop. While they’re at work, our team of professional facilitators is preparing to lead your group through a series of fun yet challenging activities designed to engage, connect and inspire.

A variety of backgrounds and an average of 15 years of experience means these facilitators really know what works when it comes to motivating a crowd. They’ll lead your team through a fast-paced program that leaves no opportunity for boredom, embarrassment or non-participation. Through classroom time, interactive initiatives or debriefing discussions (it’s usually a combination of all three), everyone gets involved and everyone has a great time.

Completely Custom in Other Ways, Too

We’ll make your workshop whatever you need it to be: a two-hour session, a day-long event or anything in between. When there’s a charitable aspect, you can have a say: if your company partners with any Indianapolis charities, just let us know! We can also have representatives from the receiving charity attend a heart warming final ceremony for some lasting team memories.

Just give us a call to find out the myriad ways we can customize a workshop for your team. With a Completely Custom team building workshop, we can set you on the path to success right away!