The Big Picture ™

In The Big Picture ™, your team will enjoy tapping into their artistic side while discovering personality styles and the important role they play in group success. Sounds like fun! But don’t mistake this corporate team building workshop for all fun and games. Your team will also be hard at work, stretching their creativity and improving their skills- teamwork skills that matter back in the office environment.

Are You a Picasso or a Monet?

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoParticipants can channel their inner artist to help create a group masterpiece, each contributing to the group effort in his or her own style- it’s something we’d all like to see take place at work. It takes an appreciation of personality styles, individual strengths and how group projects come together when we all recognize the importance of diversity.

In The Big Picture ™, our team of expert facilitators encourages your team to tap into creativity- something that rarely happens at work. By working through a series of fun yet challenging activities that bring the creative side to life, teams learn that a little creativity can go a long way towards achieving group goals.

What is the Actual “Big Picture™”?

That’s a good question! Teams literally do create a group masterpiece out of collage materials, by stretching their creative sides and pooling together their diverse set of resources. The resulting Big Picture™ is truly symbolic of why it’s so important to have a diversity of working styles in any group.

Here are some more of the valuable lessons your team will be putting into action with The Big Picture™:

  • overcoming fears of sharing new ideas
  • exercising creativity
  • viewing colleagues as resources
  • sharing information
  • overcoming the challenge of letting go of ideas

It’s all about tapping into that unused side of the brain – creativity- to find the courage to become a valuable part of any team you’re on…there are no bad ideas, only unspoken and unshared ideas. Members learn that even though an idea may not be the solution everyone’s looking for, it may actually contribute to the final solution by inspiring other ideas.

Each and every The Big Picture™ workshop event that takes place is custom designed around the your exact specifications- your corporate culture, your goals, and your team.

A Corporate Workshop With Just a Touch of Charity in the End

After your workshop, Indianapolis Team Building will donate art supplies to a charitable organization in the local area. This serves to further art programs in the Indy community, and to ensure our future leaders are in touch with their creative sides…just like your team will be!

Please give us a call to find out how The Big Picture™ can help your team work better together. If you have a charity you’ prefer to work with, just say the word. We can also partner with the National Gallery of Art.