Team Development

A lot of clients who initially come to us for charity team building workshops are surprised to learn we have quite an extensive array of professional team development options too.

Structured very similarly to our charity workshops, these team development sessions focus on getting targeted results and skip only the philanthropic aspect. Team building is taken a step further to actually target areas where you’d like to see real progress in your group- that’s team development.

Meaningful Dialogue Paired with Action-Based Activities

All our workshops are experiential, whether they incorporate a charitable aspect or not. Professional development sessions like our DiSC® personality styles or leadership training programs are still built around the concept that teams can have fun while improving their skills.

Our priority is to help you get your team to where you want them to be- we’ll take into account your goals when designing a workshop for your group. Our expert team of workshop developers are professional in every regard, and keep your needs at the forefront of everything they do.

Team Development vs. Team Bonding

You’ll notice training companies playing up the use of technology and fancy gadgets to sell their programs. But we know from experience that the real work happens when teams are focused on meaningful dialogue and working together to solve problems.

Our workshops are designed with sound principles of education and team development in mind by real professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in developing team building curricula.

That’s because we like to offer your group more than just a fun day out of the office- anyone can set up stage theatrics and dazzle a group- team bonding is easy. Our clients come back to us over and over because we focus on your goals to deliver tangible results that translate back to the office environment.

That’s the difference between team bonding and team development.

If you’re interested in our charity team building workshops, which are equally engaging and productive, click on the “Charity Workshops” tab you see above. If you’d like to set up a team development program that digs deep, engages and moves your team towards positive change, then you’ve arrived!