Wheelcharity ™ Wheelchair Team Building

For a team building workshop that helps out those with mobility challenges, Wheelcharity™ is a solid choice for any team seeking out way to connect with the the Indianapolis community in a powerful way.

A Results-Driven Workshop to Benefit Indy Hospitals

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoTeams learn the value of collaboration as they work to put together wheelchairs for Indianapolis hospitals. The end product is something everyone can get behind: a helpful donation to a local hospital or veterans center or even a national wheelchair organization. We’ll gladly work with any charity you have in mind, too- as long as wheelchairs are part of the equation!

Working Hard to Benefit the Community

Wheelcharity™, like all our team building workshops, is designed by experts and facilitated by professionals. Together, they produce team building workshops that are more than just a few hours of fun and games. Your team will really be learning, working to improve their skills as they work to build wheelchairs for the community.

That’s not to say they don’t have fun while they’re at it! The activities you’ll see are carefully selected modules designed to bring out the best in your team…things like:

  • better communication skills
  • fuller understanding of personality styles
  • better appreciation of each others’ individual strengths

Teams will enjoy the problem-solving they face during this interactive workshop, focused on helping them collaborate in new, better ways. It’s all meant to translate directly back to the office, where collaboration is often part of the formula for success.

Collaboration is Required- Competition is Optional

Wheelcharity™ is about building wheelchairs in a structured, results-driven collaborative environment facilitated by professionals. The four-step learning model we use here at Indianapolis Team Building ensures that while your team is having fun, they’re also building on valuable skills they’ll need back at work.

Towards the end of the Wheelcharity ™ event, we usually have teams compete on the wheelchairs they’ve just built, for an eye-opening challenge that increases awareness of the charity they’ll be working with. If, however, that competition doesn’t fit your goals or the personality of your team, no problem! We can have them decorating wheelchairs with messages of inspiration…more of a creative approach to finishing up the day.

Call us today if the Wheelcharity ™ event sounds like a team building workshop you’d like to schedule for your group. Tell us about your goals and we’ll help you reach them, one wheelchair at a time.