Wagon Builders ™ Wagon Team Building Workshop

Wagon Builders ™ is about building hope as you build teamwork skills. This charity workshop has your team literally building little red wagons and then filling them with useful goodies (optional) to benefit a local charity in Indianapolis.

Build on Team Relationships

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoYour team will face challenges in building their wagons- not mechanical challenges but teamwork challenges that will encourage them to come together and put their skills to the test….skills like:

  • communication
  • creative thinking
  • big picture thinking

Our professional facilitators guide your team through each progressive step of the workshop event, coaxing better and better teamwork from each and every individual. It’s a morale-booster, a team-builder and a productivity enhancer all in one!

Build Bridges With Your Community in Indianapolis

Wagons can hold so much- toys, treasures, supplies, even food items for food banks. Team Building Indianapolis can customize the Wagon Builders™ workshop so it benefits the charitable organization of your choice.

Already have a strategic alliance in place between your company and a charity? Let us know and we’ll tailor the wagon goodies to fit the purpose, from local children’s hospitals to schools and more.

The Science Behind a Little Red Wagon

It seems so simple: having teams build a wagon for charity. But there’s really so much more behind every completed wagon: teams collaborate, use high-level communication skills, and even discover new ways of relating to one another…ways that open up doors to enhanced performance.

How does all this happen in such a short time? To begin with, our workshops are developed by professionals who draw upon over 50 years of data on team building, group behavior and educational principles. Secondly, our facilitators have and average of 15 years experience bringing groups together and motivating them to work on projects.

So you see, there’s so much more to our Wagon Builders™ Charity Workshop than meets the eye. The end result is increased potential and improved productivity for your group as well as stronger connections to the Indianapolis community. Both are long-lasting rewards, which continue to strengthen your team long after the Wagon Builders™ is over with.

Please give us a call if you’d like to schedule a Wagon Builders™ Charity Workshop. We’ll be happy to talk about how we can customize it for your group in any way you like.