Mission: Military Care

Our men and women in the Military really know the meaning of courage…that’s just one of the reasons we like to support them in any way possible. Now you can too with Mission: Military Care, a charity team building workshop that gives back to these brave citizens who give so much to their country.

We can all put our values to work with this charity workshop- while building important teamwork skills with practical applications back in the office.

Team Members Learn About Courage, Something Familiar to Our Military!

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoPart of what makes a productive and efficient team is how each individual contributes to the whole. The best teams recognize individual strengths and value input from every single member of the group.

When everyone on a team has the courage to contribute, the team reaches new levels of performance. Teams will learn about courage as they work together to help the most courageous among us, the military.

How Mission: Military Care Helps Out

The end product of this interactive, experiential workshop is a series of care packages whose destination is service men and women. Indianapolis Team Building is proud to work with several organizations in the area, to make this happen:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Gratitude

The care packages serve to motivate and inspire your team to persevere through obstacles placed in front of them. Our professional developers purposely insert puzzles, obstacles and problems into each activity…it makes teams work harder to achieve their goals, just like in real life!

Courage, Success and Team Building

Finding courage takes practice, and in Mission: Military Care, everyone gets to put their skills to the test. Our professional facilitators will guide your team through a series of progressively more challenging activities, as they encourage new patterns of collaboration where everyone gets involved, not just the usual loud voices of the group.

It comes in especially handy when groups are given huge loads of data to work with- overload of information is a common problem these days. Learning to work better as a team by having everyone contribute to solutions means they’ll become more efficient at dealing with data overload.

In fact, teams will begin to realize they function more efficiently as a whole when everyone contributes to problem-solving and decision-making. Now, that couldn’t be any more relevant to the work environment! In fact, our activity developers had this in mind when they created this (and all of ) our workshops: if it doesn’t transfer easily back to the office, we haven’t done our job.

Please give us a call today to schedule a Mission: Military Care Charity workshop for your group. It’s a great way to improve your team and give back to the men and women who do so much.