Mission: Kids Care ™

Mission: Kids Care ™
This charity team building workshop emphasizes preparation for success. Help Indianapolis school kids prepare for school and learn valuable lessons about preparedness on projects at work- your team will have fun doing both!

Preparation Leads to Success in So Many Ways

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoEvery year as summer comes to an end, the back-to-school season brings financial hardship on many families in the Indianapolis area. Basic school supplies cost a lot, so many kids return to school unprepared, lacking pencils, paper, backpacks etc.

By providing these items for kids in the community, your group can make a difference and have a lot of fun in the process. They’ll also be building important skills for teamwork back in the office.

As they’re helping kid with school preparations, your team will also be learning the importance of being prepared properly for major projects at work. In fact, preparation is often a major factor in achieving success. It’s been said that the time spent preparing your day, planning a project or getting ready for a mission is more important than any other phase!

Teams Learn the Value of Individual Contributions to the Group’s Success

Too often project leaders and managers have a “seat of the pants” approach to getting things done, and the fast paced environment at work doesn’t allow for fully preparing for success. Well Mission: Kids Care™ is designed to change all that.

The Mission: Kids Care™ workshop is focused on the value of preparation to the success of group projects. Only by understanding how to prepare can the group complete their workshop mission of assembling back to school packs for kids.

Teams will learn:

  • the importance of planning before implementing
  • the importance of hearing from everyone in the group- all contributions have value
  • the power of collaboration
  • the idea that planning can be a group activity
  • the idea that preparing for success can be done efficiently as a group- it takes high level communication skills

Customizing Mission: Kids Care ™ for Your Group

If your company has a partnership with a specific charitable organization that you’d like to tie into your Mission: Kids Care™ Charity Team Building Workshop, simply let us know. We can tailor the care packages to suit virtually any type of organization, from women’s shelters to food banks.