Donate a Dinner

For a charity team building workshop that delivers a strong message of social responsibility to the Indy community, Donate a Dinner serves up a powerful impact by helping to end hunger right here in Indianapolis.

Your team sends a message of hope while they work to improve the important skills that make them a better team. They’ll have fun at attempting to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them – obstacles designed to test their teamwork skills. For every goal they achieve, points are earned towards their Donate a Dinner contribution. The more successful they are, the bigger the donation!

The Greater the Teamwork Success, the Bigger the Donation

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoAn opportunity to help end hunger doesn’t come along every day- especially not in such a fun and productive way. Overcoming teamwork obstacles translates directly into points, for a motivational force that brings your group together in new ways that you’ll appreciate long after the workshop has ended.

That’s because our professional facilitators know how to take that bonding energy that comes from working for a common cause, and focus is where you want it to be: on working to improve important workplace skills that will make your team more efficient and more successful.

The collaborative process is strengthened when teams pull together and draw upon the following skills, which are targeted during the workshop activities:

  • creative problem solving
  • high level communication
  • big picture thinking
  • dealing with limited resources

Required: Bringing Your “A-Game”!

Sometimes teams aren’t fully up to the challenges worked into our professionally developed workshop activities. When a breakdown in processes occurs, they’ll win fewer points. That means a smaller donation! Watch the will to succeed translate into the biggest donation for teams who put their “all” into achieving their goals.

How We Can Help With Your 501(c) Giving

The Charity Donate a Dinner Team Building Workshop can be customized to benefit any charitable organization you select. If you’d like to donate to a 501(c), we’ll transform your points into dollars. Just have your accountant speak to us and we’ll make sure everything rolls forward.

You can also customize in other ways, too. We love what the American Red Cross is doing these days. Providing hot meals during disasters is another fine way to benefit the community.

Just give us a call today and we can discuss this and other creative ways to donate the “points” earned by your team during the Donate a Dinner Charity Team Building Workshop.