Charity Team Building

For everyone out there who’s ever sat through a team building event that made them feel embarrassed, silly or worse yet: bored…then welcome to the next generation of Corporate Team Building.

We call it Charity Team Building.

Designed around the same basic principles as our professional development workshops, Charity Team Building workshops bring in an additional dimension: giving back to the Indianapolis community through charitable donations.

Doesn’t Your Team Deserve More Than Just Fun and Games?

Our professionally designed workshops start with one guiding principle: you. We listen to what you’d like to achieve and then from our full range of charity team building choices, find the one that suits your company’s mission to a T.

You’ll love how team members embrace the charitable aspect of our workshops. After all, if there’s one thing every educator knows, it’s that a common goal does amazing things to bring a group together for some serious work.

How Coming Together to Help Indy-Area Charities Can Improve Workplace Skills

As team members work together and compete with each other during the series of modules that make up every workshop, they’ll also be working on some serious skill improvement. That’s where you’ll see positive change start to happen.

And it doesn’t stop at the end of the day.

You see, when you invest your training dollars rather than simply spend them, you get long-lasting results and more return for the dollar. The lessons behind every charity team building workshop are directly transferable to the work environment. Our professional facilitators will engage your team and get them thinking…that’s how real change takes place!

Results-Driven, Experiential Learning Programs

You’ll be pleased to know that by scheduling a charity team building event, your team will:

  1. engage in some serious professional development
  2. help fulfill your company’s mission of corporate social responsibility
  3. have a ball and make serious inroads towards positive change in the work place

In fact, we consider our charity team building workshops to be an “upgrade”- you get the same professionally designed workshops delivered by the same professional facilitators- but you also give your team a chance to be involved in the Indianapolis community.

The chance to make a difference in the lives of others is a powerful motivator.

If charity team building sounds right for your group, please give us a call. We’d love the chance to show you how a team building workshop with a social mission can help you achieve all your goals.