Indianapolis Team Building

Is Your Team Ready for Some Positive Change?

Around here we like to say that Indianapolis Team Building is about people.. your people. That’s because we know you have choices when it comes to scheduling a team building workshop, but when it comes down to it, in the end it’s all about helping your people become the best they can be. Sure, lots of team building companies say they’re the oldest, the biggest, or whatever. We simply focus on what we know best, and that’s people.

A Team of Professionals Behind Every Workshop

It’s also people that form the foundation of our company- without the crack team of curriculum developers and facilitators we’ve been able to assemble, we’d be just like the other team building companies in Indianapolis- offering a fun day out of the office and some entertaining bonding games but not much more.

But it’s our professionals that puts us out ahead of the rest- our impressive lineup of workshops offer your group the chance to dig in, engage and really grow as a team- that’s the true meaning of team building!

Why are Our Team Building Workshops So Remarkable?

To begin with, there’s an average 15 years of experience in team building behind every workshop- that’s what your professional developers have under their belts when they set out to create your workshop.

Their expertise, combined with the dedicated and impassioned work from our professional facilitators make for powerful workshops that get your team involved in meaningful dialogue. They know how to get everyone involved, without the types of games and antics that make people feel embarrassed, bored or silly.

We Focus on Your Goals For Real Results

Our results-driven workshops begin during a consultation meeting, where you tell us what you’d like to achieve. Whether it’s areas of concern, overcoming a specific obstacle at work, or simply a sense of improved teamwork, we can suggest the right workshop for your requirements.

Be listening to you, we make each workshop tailored to your goals and your company culture. The result? Your team comes away with a renewed sense of commitment, better communication skills, and a fresh perspective on working with one another that will reverberate throughout the office for a long time after the workshop is over with.

Our time-tested techniques are worked into each engaging activity for a fun-filled day of team building work on areas such as:

  • effective brainstorming
  • communication skills
  • collaborating
  • learning to value a diverse range of personality types when achieving group goals
  • big picture thinking

Please give us a call right now if you’d like to see your team grow and move towards positive change in the work place. We can help your Indianapolis team meet their goals, overcome their obstacles, or simply be inspired to be the best.